Our Services

Put our expertise to work for you. At The Carpet Kings, we are proud to be able to provide a high level of skill at our craft. 

-> With over 10 years experience in Residential & Commercial .
The Carpet Kings specialize in pet stain & odor removal as well as
heavily soiled carpets.

Carpet Cleaning

Regular scheduled carpet cleaning is necessary to extend the life of your carpets as a major investment, we recommend every 3 - 6 months in order to maintain a fresh and hygienic carpet.

First: A unique Wet Bonnet Pad Shampoo Scrubof powerfull but safe cleaning solutions and unbelievable stain removers, penetrating deep into the carpet fibers.

Second: Advanced High Pressure Steam Cleaning + Highwaterlift Vacuum = LESS DRY TIME!
  1. Hard Surface Floor Care
    We use a whole array of different methods and equipment in order to treat floors depending on your situation. Ultimately your floors are left free from the stains or scuffs and are left looking new.
  2. Upholstery Cleaning
    Upholstered furniture should be cleaned at least every 6-12 months to cut down on allergens and germs that lead to illness.
  3. Janitorial Services
    Our regular janitorial service is a "Top to Bottom" procedure that includes specifi duties performed on a regular basis, whether you need one time, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly services were here for all your needs.
  4. Grout Recovery
    Dirty grout is not only unattractive but it can also cause long term damage to your expensive flooring. Proper maintenance by The Kings your tile and grout will have back its beautiful showroom shine.

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